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Bibles Sent To Remote Papuan Tribe

A remote Papua tribe has received 2,500 Bibles 55 years after two missionaries trying to reach them with the Gospel were slain. Some Yali tribes people walked an entire day to reach the Oakbisik air-strip in the mountains of Papua, Indonesia, to receive the shipment of Bibles in their own …

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China Offers Rewards for Reporting Churches

Officials in China offers citizens financial rewards to snoop on “illegal religious activity venues.”  Report has it that officials in Gushi County, Henan Province, have offered citizens 500 RMB (around Ush 259,000) to provide evidence like photos, videos and audio recordings.  So for, it has been reported that Rewards are being …

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Saint Sarkis Cathedral Tehran Despite reports by the US State Department that Iran is the biggest state sponsor of terror in the world, a little percentage of its Christians still thrive. According to Open Doors USA, it is both illegal to convert to Christianity and preach in Iran. Oftentimes Christian pastors will be arrested and …

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