Marachy Releases “Greater” [Download Mp3+Lyrics]

Versatile Nigerian gospel music minister, Marachy, is out with another passionate worship song titled “Greater”.

“Greater” simply describes how great our God is; His works are all over the universe. It tells of how God saved the Israelites from the wicked hands of Pharaoh and the Egypptians when they called on Him. He showed up at that time and gave Moses their leader instructions which led to the red sea being divided into two for all of them to pass through on dry ground, and the moment they were out, the sea was closed up again.

According to Marachy:

“When you listen to this song, you will experience the Mighty hand of God in every situation that has proven difficult around you. You will see the end of all that has ever troubled you and your family. Finally, you will come out victorious just like the Israelites did come out victoriously. HE is an incredible God!”

In conclusion she says:

“I have dedicated this to all singles because it’s being released in honour of my wedding anniversary. Happy viewing friends, I love you all. Keep winning!! keep the worship alive!”

Download GREATER:


Greater (Lyrics)
Father I worship You, I give You all the glory that only You, only You deserve

You are Greater than the greatest (2x)
Lord, I worship You (2x)

Come on sing, let’s sing now

You are Greater than the greatest (2x)
Lord, I worship You (2x)

For great is Your name…
Oh God!
Great is Your name…
Oh God!

Great is Your name…
Oh God!
Great is Your name…
Oh God!

You are greater than the greatest
From generation to generation, You’ve proven how mighty You are

You parted the red Sea for the Israelites to pass through on the land when the Egyptians were after them
You set them free, granted them victory. That same God You were yesterday is the same God You remain today. So, we crown You the greater than the greatest because that’s Who You are…

Great is Your Name (2x)… Oh God…

Oh Great is Your name, Great is Your name, O God, Oh Lord God Almighty
You are such an exceptional Jesus
No one to compare You with Oh… God

Lord, I worship You
I worship You Lord God, yeah

All: Lord, I worship You
Somebody, come on, fill this room with worship, worship
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah….
I worship You Lord (2x)

All: Lord, I worship You…

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